Tuition & Financial Aid

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"We are so grateful for the financial aid support that Sheridan School provides. Without it, we would not have had the opportunity to send our daughter to such an incredible school. Every parent wants the best possible education for their child, and because of financial aid, that dream has been made a reality for our family." -- Sheridan Parent

Applying for Financial Aid 

Sheridan School strives to reflect the true diversity of the larger world in which we live, maintaining a diverse student body that represents various cultural, social and economic backgrounds. We also believe that any student who is offered admission should have the opportunity to be part of our community and take advantage of all that Sheridan has to offer, regardless of family finances. The purpose of the financial aid program at Sheridan is to help make that opportunity a reality. In 2014-2015, more than 20% of our students will receive a financial aid grant. The grants range from $5,000 to almost full tuition. 

To read our complete Financial Aid Policy click here.

Financial Aid is awarded by Sheridan School based primarily on three factors:

  • Demonstrated need as determined by guidelines provided by TADS
  • Consideration of specific family situations or emergencies, and
  • Availability of funds approved annually by the Sheridan Board of Trustees

Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost of an education and a family’s ability to contribute to that cost. We believe that parents have an obligation to provide for their child’s education to the extent that they are able and therefore utilize the services of TADS to help determine a family’s eligibility for financial aid.

Several factors including income, assets, liabilities and the number of children in tuition-charging schools are taken into consideration. In order to apply, families must submit the Sheridan Financial Aid Information Form to Sheridan and the TADS Financial Aid Application to TADS. Deadlines along with submission instructions can be found below.

If you are applying to another School that requires completion of a financial aid application other than with TADS you will need to submit applications to both service providers.

In accordance with Sheridan’s Financial Aid Policy and Procedures, parents who are divorced, separated or have never been married are both required to file the TADS Financial Aid Application. While families must reapply for aid each year, unless there is a significant change in demonstrated need, we are committed to continuing support at the original level of funding. Due to the complexity of the financial aid formula, we are unable to provide analysis without a full application; however, we encourage all families who believe that they may be eligible to apply.

Required Materials and Deadlines
January 30, 2015
In order to apply, families must submit the following documents no later than January 30, 2015.

  • Sheridan Financial Aid Information Form
  • TADS Financial Aid Application 

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at

  • Copies of 2013 IRS Form 1040 with all schedules, 2014 W-2’s and most recent pay stubs should be submitted to TADS by digital upload or by mail to 1201 Hawthorne Avenue, #100, Minneapolis, MN 55403 or fax to 612-548-3326. With this information TADS will conduct an estimated financial assessment.

February 20, 2015

  • Copies of 2014 IRS Form 1040 with all schedules submitted to TADS by digital upload or by mail to 1201 Hawthorne Avenue, #100, Minneapolis, MN 55403 or fax to 612-548-3326. This most recent return will be needed to confirm a family's financial assessment.

March 2, 2015

  • Financial Aid decision notification to those families who have been offered admission to Sheridan School.

The number of qualified candidates may be greater than the amount of funds available. As a result, it is possible to be offered admission to Sheridan and be placed on a waiting list for financial aid. 



Includes all books, supplies, snacks, lunch and trips to the Mountain Campus

     Kindergarten to 3rd Grade     $31,100
     4th to 8th Grade                       $33,850


 Parent Association Dues   $75
Enrollment Deposit             $1000 (This deposit is applied to and deducted from the tuition)

Payment Options:

  • One-Payment Plan: A single payment: due on June 15 in advance of the school term. A 2% early payment credit applies to this option.
  • Two-Payment Plan: Two tuition payments: 60% due on July 1 and 40% due on January 1.
  • Ten-Payment Plan: Ten monthly installments, due on the first of each month, beginning in July and concluding in April, by direct debit only. A fee of $40 applies.