Class of 2020 High School Choices

(Posted 5/15/20) We had another stellar year with high school admissions for our 8th graders!

In the spring of 7th grade, we begin working with families to identify the schools that will be the best options for each child based on their academic and extracurricular interests. In doing so, we encourage students and parents to look at a wide range of schools. Our 25 graduates in the class of 2020 are planning to attend 14 different schools, with the choices reflecting their varied interests and goals. As full partners in the high school selection process, our 8th graders have the unique opportunity to find the right community for them as they grow into adulthood.

The chart below shows which high schools our students have chosen to enroll in this year and for the three years prior.

If you have any questions about our high school placement process, please contact Middle School Head Jay Briar.  


High Schools Sheridan Graduates Chose to Attend, 2017-2020