6th Grade
Spring Mountain Campus Information


Wednesday, June 1 – Friday, June 3


The 6th Grade spring trip is full of adventure! The focus of the trip is building outdoor skills, personal challenge, and team building. Students will push themselves on the zipline and canoe on the Shenandoah River, learning basic skills and working together. Students will also engage in team building activities and play Instincts for Survival, a Mountain Campus tradition!


Students in Grades 4-8 go to Mountain Campus without a parent or guardian. Sheridan teachers attend the trips with the students to support them, engage in activities, and have fun together. Additional staff from Camp Horizons, our Mountain Campus provider, meet the students at Mountain Campus and lead the activities.

Ahead of the trip we help students feel prepared by providing activity and schedule information, talking through sleeping arrangements and what to expect, and inviting questions for discussion. At home, you can help your child feel ready by talking about the upcoming trip and helping your child pack. If any questions or concerns come up, please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher or advisor.


Students in 6th Grade travel to Mountain Campus on a Sheridan-provided bus. The students leave from Sheridan shortly after morning dropoff on the first day and return to Sheridan shortly before dismissal time on the third day. Students may be picked up immediately upon return or sign into Ex-Club, depending on your family’s needs.


Students stay in yurts overnight in groups of five to eight. 

Ahead of the trip, students will meet as a class to go over the schedule and packing list, and ask any questions they may have. During this meeting, students will complete a survey to provide teachers with helpful information as they make yurt assignments. Middle School students developed the survey together last fall to help make yurt assignments more inclusive and responsive to social/emotional needs, gender identity, sleeping preferences and more. The teachers combine the information from the survey with their own knowledge and observations of class and individual needs to form overnight groupings and make yurt assignments. 


To participate in Mountain Campus trips, ALL students must have the following three forms on file with us. Please log in to your Magnus Health account through Sheridan Central and confirm that each have been completed.

  • Camp Horizons form
  • COVID-19 Waiver
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccine uploaded into Magnus or an email to School Nurse Caroline Gates advising of the student’s COVID-19 vaccination status.


The packing list below is a guide for what your child will need during their trip to Mountain Campus. In general, they’ll be participating in active, outdoor adventures that will require comfortable tennis shoes and layers for warm or cool weather. Nights can be chilly even in early June!

Packing List


Medication administration at Mountain Campus follows the school policy found in the Family Handbook. Under this policy, to administer prescription and/or over-the-counter medications to your child, we MUST have the following physician-signed forms on file:

  • Authorization for Prescription Medication Administration
  • Authorization for Over-the-Counter Medication Administration 

These forms can be found in your Magnus Health account in Sheridan Central. Please check your Magnus account to ensure you have submitted these forms and confirm they are current (they must be renewed every 12 months). If your forms are still in effect, you do not need to resubmit them for your child to receive medication at Mountain Campus.

Sheridan sends the following over-the-counter medications to Mountain Campus. Please note these medications can only be given to your child if they have a physician-signed Authorization for Over-the-Counter Medication Administration on file in your Magnus account. 

  • Sunscreen
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Benadryl
  • Tums
  • Cough drops

Medications are due to School Nurse Caroline Gates one week prior to the trip. If the necessary medications, including Epi-Pens and inhalers are already at school, the available medication will automatically be sent to Mountain Campus with your child. You should, however, coordinate with the School Nurse Caroline Gates to ensure adequate supply. 

If you are providing new or additional quantities of medication, prescription drugs must be brought to Caroline in their original pharmacy-leabeled packaging that includes the name of the student, dosage, and administration instructions. Inhalers and EpiPens also must come in their original packaging, and over-the-counter medications must be provided in their original packaging from the time of purchase.  Please place all medications in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name before delivering them to school.

If you have any questions about medication administration at Mountain Campus, please contact School Nurse Caroline Gates at nurse@sheridanschool.org.