Our Campuses

Main (City) Campus

Sheridan’s main campus is in the residential area of Van Ness in Washington, DC, close to Connecticut Avenue, blocks from the Van Ness Metro station. The school is small and cozy with a student capacity of 226. Recently renovated in 2004, the school has 16 classroom spaces, a gymnasium with a full stage, and a fully functional kitchen and cafeteria. The space is designed to meet the programmatic needs of the school and has a very warm and welcoming feel.

Mountain Campus

Sheridan’s Mountain Campus consists of 130 acres that border the Shenandoah National Park in Luray, Virginia. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the naturally wooded setting provides the ideal environment for students to relax, escape from the city, take risks, challenge themselves, forge new friendships and learn about the natural world. The campus is also the perfect setting for our students to engage in the experiential learning experiences that are so important for real understanding.

Greening Efforts

As a community, Sheridan is very committed to the greening process. Over the past few years we have taken numerous steps to make Sheridan more sustainable:

  • Solar Panels: A 60 kW solar system, the school will derive approximately 10% of it annual electric usage from the solar array.
  • 100% of Sheridan’s electricity is Wind Powered.
  • Single-Stream Recycling: We increase recycling participation by commingling recyclable trash.
  • 100% Green Cleaning Products: In concert with our cleaning company, we have removed all non-green cleaning products from the school.
  • Lighting Controls: A large portion of the school rooms are on motion sensor switches and we are committed to converting every room.
  • White Roof: We replaced two of our roofs with a white roof, lowering our cooling costs and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Composting Program: All of our food waste gets composted.
  • Leftovers: Extra food that is not served each day is taken to a local homeless shelter.
  • Farmer’s Market: Tuesdays and Saturdays, Sheridan hosts New Morning Farm  to support the local and organic food movement.