Board of Trustees Covenant

We are the Sheridan School Board of Trustees.  We love the school and are dedicated to making Sheridan the best place it can be. We follow principles of good practice. The Board’s culture affects how well we put those principles into practice, and the environment of the school. This Covenant describes the culture we want to create, foster and enjoy on the Board.

We each participate in many communities that support the school — as trustee, as parent, as staff, or as friend to other parents. We take pride in bringing these perspectives to the Board while maintaining a steadfast focus on the needs of the school as a whole, now and for the long-term. We recognize that the Board itself is an important community in which we participate.

Within the Board, we work to foster a climate of trust, concern, and respect. We work cooperatively, productively, and, when necessary, confidentially, to serve the best interests of the school. We are committed to holding generative discussions and maintaining a long-term focus. We evaluate our areas of need and engage in ongoing Board education. We create open lines of communication so the Board as a whole has the benefit of our thoughts and feelings, either directly through members or through the Chair. We support each other with empathy and compassion. We make every effort to be respectful of one another and work as a team, even when different or opposing viewpoints are shared. We strive for consensus in our deliberations.

We recognize our responsibilities to the broader school community. We are fiduciaries and stewards of the school. We support and work collaboratively with the Head of School to ensure Sheridan’s wellbeing and positive growth, now and with an eye toward the future. We will communicate concrete information to faculty, staff, parents and students so that they are informed about our work, our goals and our progress.

We prize and appreciate the depth and diversity of the entire Sheridan community. We seek to encourage and broaden the talents and experiences of Board members for the benefit of the school. We actively show our appreciation for the work that others do. We make Sheridan one of our top priorities in our charitable giving. We show dedication to and leadership in the school through our commitments of time, participation in school events, and support for school initiatives. We commit to work together to the best of our ability for the good of Sheridan School.