Sheridan School Acceptable Technology Usage Policy

Technology tools and resources are used at Sheridan School to enrich the teaching and learning that takes place in and out of classrooms, to facilitate communication among different constituencies of the school community, and to enhance the productivity of students and employees. 

Sheridan students and parents agree to abide by the following rules and conditions for the use of technology at Sheridan’s two campuses and at home. 



Recognize that all technology provided by Sheridan is owned by Sheridan.

Touch or use other people’s devices without their permission.

Understand that when using Sheridan technology, the school can access your accounts, data, files, passwords and other systems at any time. 

Modify, delete or post comments on someone else’s work without their permission.  

Keep your passwords private, sharing them only with teachers and parents.  

Try to gain access to, change or tamper with Sheridan devices, networks, databases or support systems.

Follow our community rule when using technology online or offline — respect yourself, each other and the environment. 

Harass, insult, or attack any member of the Sheridan community online while on- or off-campus using any device, Sheridan-owned or not.

Use Sheridan group email lists for school communications only. 

Create, access, download, or transfer explicit, copyrighted, threatening, obscene or illegal material.

Respect limits placed on access to certain sites and systems.  

Disable, delete, block, circumvent or otherwise compromise security, monitoring and auditing controls on Sheridan systems.

Keep devices charged and in good working condition.

Install, store, or run anything not specifically authorized by the Technology Department 

Print documents only once, print in color only when necessary, and keep the printer area clean.  

Print large or personal print jobs. 

Promptly report any tech problems to your teacher or the Technology Department so they can be quickly resolved

Download apps/extensions/software or sign up for accounts without permission from a teacher or school administrator.  

Recognize that playing games, chatting online and watching entertainment videos is not allowed unless part of a lesson and approved by a teacher.

Create, store, or share inappropriate language or images that would reflect negatively on you, another student, or the school.

Observe copyright guidelines and reference and credit all sources when using information obtained through the internet.  

Film, photograph, or record or post about others without their express permission. 

Understand that this policy applies to your actions both on- and off-campus.  

Assume a false identity to take part in any of the activities prohibited in this policy.