Progressive educators are concerned with helping children become not only good learners but also good people. – Alfie Kohn

  • Research finds students in K-8 schools do better than students in stand alone middle schools.
  • At Sheridan, we specialize in K-8 education. We believe that the building blocks of life-long learning are established in the elementary and middle school years. Consequently, we devote all our resources to serving children during this critical period, an approach we believe better prepares them for their high school years.
  • The K-8 environment allows students to engage in age-appropriate activities and events, without being exposed to the very different social and academic pressures of high school students. Our children are free to stay “younger” a bit longer.
  • At Sheridan, everybody knows your name. From the handshake with the Head of School in the morning to our family-style lunches, from our cross-grade buddy system to active parent participation in school life, the sense of community at Sheridan is vibrant. In this nurturing K-8 setting, each child is recognized as an individual and has an important place in the Sheridan family.
  • In our school, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are not “caught in the middle.” They are the role models for the entire student body. Sheridan students assume early leadership responsibilities. The result is greater confidence and self esteem, and a sense of belonging.
  • Our eighth graders are empowered in their role as “seniors.” They are officers of the student council, captains of intramural athletic teams, directors and stars of school stage productions, and the ultimate buddies to Kindergarten children. Armed with self-assurance, Sheridan students have a demonstrated record of leadership in high school. They have gone on to be class officers and student council presidents at schools such as Georgetown Day School, St. Albans, and Madeira.
  • Sheridan students benefit greatly from the opportunity they and their parents have to choose the right high school at the right time. By eighth grade, a child’s strengths, learning styles, and interests are clearly understood, making it easier to determine the best “match” for high school. Eighth Grade students are engaged participants in the high school application process better preparing them for the complexities of selecting a college.