After School Activities — Week of 5/18/20

(Updated 5/20/20) Drop-in for a few minutes or stay for the hour — there is much fun to be had! Descriptions of the activities and the supplies students will need to have on hand are below.



The Zoom link for ALL days:

Meeting ID: 882 0282 1265
Password: 8QScRX


4pm-5pm: Puppet Making with Etai (Puppets will be usd in storytelling at 5pm. Need: paper, cardboard (cereal boxes etc), scissors, clear tape, markers, pencil; Optional: yarn or string, fabric scraps, plastic spoons or chopsticks)
5pm-5:30pm:  Storytelling & Puppet Show with Jimmy 

4pm-5pm: Trivia with Sarah (Need paper and pen)
5pm-5:30pm: Stories and Games with Aaron

Thursday (note: activities updated on 5/20)
4pm-5pm:  Pictionary with Lindsey (Need paper or whiteboard and drawing materials/markers)
5pm-5:30pm: Storytelling with Jimmy