Annual Fund Class Competition — The Race is ON!

As if our awesome program at Sheridan isn’t incentive enough to support the Annual Fund, we have a little competition for some extra motivation.

Be part of the first class to reach 100% participation and your child will enjoy a Kids Night In (and Parents Night Out!) at Sheridan (Grades K-3) or a class outing to see the World Series-winning Washington Nationals (Grades 4-8). 

How can you help your class win? It’s easy — make your gift or pledge right now if you haven’t already and cheer on your fellow families as they do the same.

Where does your class stand? The percentages are below:

–    39%
1st – 42%
2nd – 38%
3rd – 40%
4th – 36%
5th – 37%
6th – 45%
7th – 40%
8th – 40%

What Will We Win? 
Kids Night In (And Parents Night Out!) — Grades K-3
If your class in Grades K-3 is the first to reach 100% participation, you’ll be able to drop your child off at Sheridan for an evening of fun and games with their classmates while you enjoy a date night or get together with other parents in your class.

Let’s Go Nats!— Grades 4-8
If your class in Grades 4-8 is the first to reach 100% participation, your child will be able to join their classmates on an afternoon this spring on a chaperoned outing to cheer on our hometown favorites, the World Series-winning Washington Nationals. We will transport the students to and from Sheridan.

What Should My Family Give?
As you consider your commitment, we ask that you make the most meaningful gift your family can. We know that gifts will vary in size, and have learned that if every family gives their best, our goals can be achieved.

I’m ready to make my gift or pledge