Antiracism Resources for Families

At Sheridan, we stand with Black Lives Matter and encourage every member of our community to take meaningful, ongoing action to put an end to racism in all of its forms. Below are a number of resources that provide ideas for combatting racism and creating lasting change, whether as individuals, as families, or through our networks and communities. Standing up is a core part of Sheridan mission and there is no better way to encourage it in our students than to demonstrate it ourselves.

Take Action

A Guide to How You Can Support Marginalized Communities: Allyship can mean different things to different people, and it can be tough to know where to start. This guide from CNN has a number of recommendations. 

Six Ways Your Kids Can Be Little Activists: From Multicultural Kids Blogs, six suggestions for involving children in age-appropriate activism. 

26 Ways To Be In The Struggle Beyond The Streets: From Indira, a list of ways to support peaceful protests from near or far. 

Talk to Your Child

How to Talk to Children about Protests and Racism: An age-by-age guide from CNN that includes tips about media. 

How to Talk to Young Children About Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles: Principles and parent resources that support continued conversations with young children.

Talking to Children After Racial Incidents. Why and how we should talk to our children about racism and violence from the University of Pennyslvania’s Graduate School of Education. 

Conversation Starters. Discussion starters from the Anti-Defamation League.

Learn as a Family

The Black Families’ Guide for Talking About Racism

The POC Families’ Guide for Talking About Racism

The White Families’ Guide for Talking About Racism

Read Books

Books have profound impact on a child’s understanding of the world. Below are lists of books for your family to consider. 

31 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism and Resistance

Diverse Book Finder 

Curated Reading List for Students & Parents (Los Angeles Public Library)

Embrace Race Book List

Something Happened In Our Town — If you are looking for a resource that is more directly connected to the current moment and explicitly addresses police shootings of black men at an age-appropriate level, consider this video read-aloud of Something Happened in Our Town. Depending on the age of your child, we recommend viewing the video first on your own to make sure you are comfortable with the content covered, sitting with your child as they watch it, and answering any questions your child may have afterwards.

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