Cabin Fever — Activities to Do at Home

(Posted 3/20/20) Sheridan’s After School Team is missing everyone and they combined forces to put together an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G list of activities to keep cabin fever at bay while social distancing at home over Spring Break.  Have fun!

  1. Kahoot Trivia: Play our fun online trivia quiz games. You can create your own trivia game or use the trivia games they have. Registration is free.
  2. Dance Party: Play YouTube videos and create a dance room in your living room! (adults can use the Kids YouTube) 
  3. Fairy Houses: One of the most popular things to do in Ex-Club. Use recycled boxes to create your ultimate “fairy houses” at home! 
  4. Mask Making: This is something fun and creative that requires few supplies. After the masks are done, a parade of characters can take the floor. 
  5. Puppet Making: Another Ex-Club craft…you can create any character you want! Here is a video of one of our fun afternoons two weeks ago…
  6. Friendship Bracelets: There are many options for friendship bracelets. Some are easy, some are more challenging. Follow a tutorial and make some magic! 
  7. Paper Airplanes: Many options for building paper airplanes and checking which one is faster, flight longer, or is the most creative. You can paint them too! Here is another cool link. 
  8. Baking: So many options… Here is a link, but check what you have at home and be creative.
  9. Shadow Puppets: You can create shadow puppets with your hand or create a shadow puppet theatre.
  10. Play volleyball with a balloon: This is a fun game that you can do indoors… play by yourself, with another person or many more.
  11. Scavenger hunt: Many possibilities here… Scavenger hunts are always fun! Create your own or use this site for ideas.
  12. Clean your room and redecorate it: This is a good time to change your room and decorate it differently. Clean the closet, store winter clothing, make a bag of donations and enjoy!
  13. Write a song: You are creative… write a poem and convert it into a song. Get ideas from your family and friends. Be funny.
  14. Set the table: Here are some tips on how to set a nice table. For any occasion or just for yourself.
  15. Yoga time!: Yoga is something that you can learn online. There are many tutorials. You just need to find a calm place at home, a mat or a soft surface and ohhmmmm….
  16. Costume parade: Halloween in the Spring. Create your own costume and do a parade with friends and family.
  17. Create your family tree: Now that you are with your family, you have time to ask about your grandparents, great grandparents and create your own family tree!
  18. Build a tent inside: This is super fun and easy to do.
  19. Collage Art: Here are some ideas of how to create collages. This is something easy to do with any magazine and paper you have around. Use old pictures too.
  20. Complete a puzzle: The more pieces the better! 
  21. Write paper letters to your friends and family: Write actual letters to family and friends.
  22. Start a journal or blog:  Write, draw and do some research of an interesting topic.
  23. Learn a new language or practice the second language (or third) you are learning: Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language.
  24. Knit or crochet: There are many tutorials online
  25. Comic time: Create your own comic and story.
  26. Origami: Create amazing objects just by folding paper.
  27. Have a picnic inside your house: Move all furniture in your living room, basement or dining room to one side. Grab a blanket, make some sandwiches, grab good music, fruits, snacks and a juice and replicate an outside picnic inside your own home.
  28. Karaoke time: Sing the songs you know and learn new ones.
  29. Spider web: Create a spider web in the hallway of your house with tape. Try to go from one side to the other without touching the web.
  30. Massage time: Grab some lotion & lavender and give some massage sessions to your family or friends.
  31. Guess songs: Guess songs that are coming up on the radio or create your own playlist to play this game.
  32. Cool Pictures: Find a hidden box or drawer with “old time” photos of your family and friends. This is a great time to share memories that have been forgotten.
  33. Learn a new instrument or keep practicing the one you play: There are many tutorials teaching how to play an instrument. Grab the old guitar from the basement, create your own drum or keep playing the instrument you love.
  34. Collective drawing: Take a big piece of paper or put together sheets of paper with tape to create a big one and invite everyone to get inspired and create a “collective” art piece.
  35. Boot camp: Exercise! Create a routine with jumping jacks, windmills, butt kicks, high knees, overhead squats,  spider steps and pushups.
  36. Watercolor painting: Grab your watercolors and paper and create amazing art pieces.
  37. Glass art: With permission from your parents, create designs and color the windows of your house with acrylic paint.
  38. Help others cook: Cooking is a good skill to have. Help the person that is cooking and learn while you help… It’s super fun and the dishes turn out delicious if you do it with love.
  39. Clean the car/ your bike: Clean your parents’ car, if your household has one, or clean your bike and go for a ride.
  40. Spa Day:  Face masks, moisturizer, oh my! Treat yourself to a 10-step skin care routine you don’t have time for during a normal school/work week.
  41. Perler Beads Art: This is super fun and you can spend hours creating new designs.
  42. Design your own clothing: Upcycle clothing and look inside your closet and modify some of your clothing pieces… maybe you can turn your favorite pants into new shorts, cut a shirt and sew designs on it?
  43. Salt Dough Art: No clay? Do not worry, you can create with salt and flour your own salt dough. This is something fun and projects can last a few days until they are finished. Nathalie use used to do these when she was living in Germany. It is super fun.
  44. Paint your own mug: Use Sharpies and create your own mug. This is fun and easy to do. 
  45. Stone painting: Here is a video of ideas for painting stones. Go for a walk and collect different shapes of stones and paint them!
  46. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art: This is a great idea if you would like to do something more challenging. Good for Grades 3 and up.
  47. Cherry Blossom Art: This is something that is great for this time of the year… easy to do and the final result will bring some cherry blossoms inside your house!
  48. Straw Weaving: This is something fun and creative. You can use yarn or thread to do this project. If you do not have straws, use three sticks.
  49. T-shirt designs: Create your own design or print something you like on an iron transfer paper and voila! An old shirt becomes your favorite!
  50. Seed planting:  Create your own garden and plant seeds indoors to transfer outside when it gets warmer.
  51. Create your own board game: Imagine new ways to create board games with your own rules.
  52. Painting: Use your imagination, learn about different artists and use different mediums to paint, paint and paint.
  53. Play with Legos: Playing with Legos is super relaxing and you can create amazing things. You need a challenge? Hold a contest to build a tower, car or a city with just a few pieces while you time it.
  54. Relays and obstacle races: Fun way to play and exercise.
  55. DIY Crafts: Tons of fun ideas to do with items you have in your home.
  56. Read a good book: Look at home for books you have not read or explore the library website to get something you really would like to read. Many online options are available.
  57. Write a story: Write your own story and if you need help, ask an adult or a friend.
  58. Make a memory book: Organize schoolwork, pictures and artwork you’ve saved from previous years into a scrapbook or binder.
  59. Listen to music: Listening to your favorite music will calm you down, keep you company and entertained… always have music around to feel happy!
  60. Dream: Enjoy and have time to dream. Watch people outside your window, imagine different stories, imagine how you see yourself in 5 years…
  61. Handworks Studio: Here is a link for free tutorials to do a lot of Handwork projects at home. Nathalie loves this company and has been in some of their workshops. They are giving free lessons every day at 10 a.m. Come and join a class!
  62. Meet with family and friends: Use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Marco Polo to video chat with your near and long-distance friends.
  63. Fortune Teller:  Fold a square piece of paper into a fortune teller.  Put your thumbs and pointer fingers into it. Proceed to tell fortunes. 
  64. Hair Braiding: Learn how to braid (fishtail, french, etc.)
  65. Interview your grandparents or a friend: Interview them over the phone or a video call and save the audio. Can you create an audio story or book with that file? 
  66. Movie List: Create a document where you write the movies you are watching with a small review to be shared with others. 
  67. Gratefulness: Make a list of things for which you are grateful. 
  68. Make coffee or tea in the morning and surprise others: There is nothing better than waking up and having a good cup of coffee or tea before the day begins.
  69. Museums Visits: Make lists of all the museums, sporting events and concerts you want to visit when they finally reopen. Go virtually to visit museums around the world!
  70. Play cards: Learn many card games and enjoy a relaxed evening with your friends and family.
  71. Red Cup Stem Challenge:  Work together with friends or family to come up with a way to move the cups by lifting the cups with the straws or tiding the string to the cups and
    then lift the string ends to lift the cups. 
  72. Non dominant hand exercise: Attempt things with your non-dominant hand, from writing to brushing your teeth. Prepare to be frustrated or suprised!
  73. Stretch: Work on your flexibility. It’s possible to get the splits back, right?
  74. Beatboxing: Study the art of beatboxing. It is fun and just with your own voice you can create many characters.
  75. Slow motion videos: Try moving in super-slow motion. It’s OK to laugh at regular speed.
  76. Sleep; Get lots of it. It is good for you and your health.
  77. Walk: Go on small hikes around the neighborhood or a park. Apply social distancing, though.
  78. Campfire: If you have a fireplace and the weather is chilly, by all means build a fire. Kids are great at pretending though, so if there are any impediments to building a fire, there’s no need to worry. You can make a small pretend campfire with flashlights or candles and then have everyone gather around in a circle. 
  79. Listen to the sounds of nature: Listen carefully and tell us what you hear. This is also a great time to talk about some of the delights nature offers such as the calming sound of crickets or the beautiful songs of birds.
  80. Play Bingo: This game is super fun. 
  81.  Pictionary: Play pictionary and choose different categories to make it harder: movies, actors, places, fruits, books…
  82. Bubble Gum Contest: Chew bubblegum and have a contest  to see who is blowing it the biggest. Do this only if your parents are OK with it — invite them to be part of the challenge!
  83. Build a chain reaction with popsicles: Did you know that you can build an exploding chain reaction by weaving together popsicle sticks or craft sticks? 
  84. Popcicle: Make your own popsicles… sour worm popsicles could be an idea…
  85. Tie-Dye: Learn how to do tie-dye shirts, socks or pillowcases. 
  86. “Would you rather” game: It is meant for road trips, but you can pretend you are on a road trip and have fun.
  87. Create a sensory bin: Sensory bins are so versatile and are perfect for all little learners. Explore your imagination with you have at home.
  88. Exploding paint bombs: If it’s nice outside, have a blast with these exploding paint bombs and create a new art piece for your room.
  89. Magic Tricks: Learn magic tricks and do a show.
  90. Snowball activities: It’s time for indoor snowball games, no snow or cold temperatures required!
  91. Make bird seeds ornaments: This is the time of the year to feed the birds. Here is an idea, but you can create many more…
  92. Have a tea or smoothie party: Wear fancy outfits, make real tea and cookies or your favorite smoothie.
  93. Build a marble run with recycled items: Use paper rolls, pipes, paper to create your own marble run at home.
  94. Learn Calligraphy: Calligraphy is a well-known type of writing with special pens. Write out poetry or some of your favorite quotes. 
  95. Make macaroni necklaces: Color macaroni noodles with markers and string onto yarn.
  96. Indoor bean bag toss: This is fun and you can create your own.
  97. Explore your neighborhood: Take a walk and see what is around you. Make a map where your house is located and the interesting places you found.
  98. Make Penny Spiders: These simple spinning tops are a fun craft for kids to make, and you probably have all of the materials on hand at home!
  99. Science experiments: Here are some ideas to do fun science experiments at home.
  100. Potato stamps: Stamping with potatoes or other items is super fun. Just be creative.
  101. Hug someone you love & light up someone’s day!