Canned Goods, Clothing and Reuseable Bags Needed For Friendship Place

The donation drive is part of a sixth grade academic passion project…

Three sixth-graders explain the project below:

In school, we have been doing something called Academic Passion. What that means is every Friday the sixth graders spend an hour of their time doing something they are passionate about (as long as it has some connection to academics). We have been doing an Academic Passion with Friendship Place. Friendship Place is a shelter for people who need access to food, showers, doctors, sometimes housing and more. We will be doing a canned food drive, also with clothes and re-usable bags. It would be so great if you could bring in clothes (of all sizes and without holes, professional clothing would be helpful), canned food. and bags (without holes.) The drive will go from February 21st, 2017 to March 9th, 2017. You can put the donations into boxes that will be in the front of the school directly when you walk in. If you can please donate!

Gwyn, Keevan and Pixie
6th Grade