Caroline Davis

Relationship to Sheridan: Current and Alumni Parent (Ava ’18, Polly ’20)

Why I serve:

I believe in the Sheridan Mission, our Diversity Vision Statement and our Philanthropy Vision Statement. I am inspired by the quality of the instruction that Sheridan students receive and the incredible talent of the instructors. I want to do everything I can to support this incredible work and make it accessible to more families and students.

Years on the Board: 5

2019-2020 Committees: Advancement, Finance

Day Job/Profession:

I am the President of Keller Enterprises, LLC, a family held, private investment fund with a focus on regenerative farming, healthy food access and future-looking energy solutions. But mostly I enjoy baking cookies.

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Fun fact: I always have frozen, homemade cookies in my freezer.