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Apprentice Teachers

Sheridan is seeking two full-time apprentice teachers for the 2019-2020 school year. Over the course of the year, apprentices work alongside several veteran teachers to learn effective planning, instructional and assessment skills. They also participate in faculty meetings, student-involved parent conferences, and non-academic student supervision.

Along with other teachers who are new to Sheridan, apprentices work with an experienced mentor and also receive instruction from experienced teachers and administrators in the intellectual, social, physical and emotional development of elementary and middle school students and training in Sheridan’s instructional programs. Apprentices are also encouraged to pursue other school-funded professional development opportunities.

Candidates must have an undergraduate degree, demonstrate an interest in a career in classroom teaching, and be willing to participate in all professional aspects of teaching. Prior training or experience in education is not required though successful candidates generally have either experience working with children or related coursework. Apprentice teachers do not receive course credit but are paid a $40,000 stipend, receive health care and retirement benefits and may choose to assume paid extracurricular duties. We are eager to consider applications from traditionally underrepresented groups. Candidates should send a letter of interest and their resume to

Substitute Teachers

Sheridan periodically needs new substitute teachers who are available for both planned and last-minute teacher absences. An undergraduate degree, experience working with elementary or middle school-aged children, and an interest in Sheridan’s program are required. Candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to Joe Burke, Director of Academic Life, at


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