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Emily Butler

7th Grade Homeroom

Gina Bland

2nd Grade Homeroom

Jay Briar

Head of Middle School

Jennifer Oliva

Literacy Specialist

Jessica Donovan

Head of School

Joe Burke

PE, Grades K-4

Jonathan Williams

5th Grade Homeroom

Kate Grinberg

Lower School Science

Katie Burke

2nd Grade Homeroom

Kelly Nelson

Lower School Head

Khalia Lomax

Apprentice Teacher

Laura Garcia de Mendoza

Music, Grader 2-4

Laura Merrill

7th Grade Homeroom

Lina Kesner

6th Grade Homeroom

Lindsay Fronk

Learning Specialist

Margie Gottfried

Directory of Admissions & Financial Aid

Maureen Minehan

Director of Advancement

Melanie Auerbach

Director of Student Support

Mike Stoll

Director of Finance and Operations

Monica Jimenez

K-2 Spanish