Finding the Right Independent School

Finding the independent school that is right for your child and right for your family can be a daunting task. From reams of materials to a succession of open houses and tours, you end up with a lot of information to consider and to process.

To help find the school that best suits your child, the Sheridan School admissions team has put together a series of questions to ask when you research and visit each school on your list. This list is not exhaustive, but the questions will give you a good start in collecting information that will be useful as you consider your choices. (We also recommend you trust your instincts when you are assessing a school — usually they are right!)

Questions we think are important include:

  • What is the mission and philosophy of the school?
  • How competitive and/or supportive is the curriculum?
  • What kind of education and background do the faculty have?
  • What is the school’s atmosphere like? Is it nurturing? Competitive? Rigorous?
  • Does the school have a distinct educational focus or approach to learning?
  • How strong is the sense of community?
  • Is there a strong partnership between teachers, students, and parents?
  • What is the school’s approach to learning in the 21st century?
  • Is there a strong parent organization?

These suggestions should help you get started as you navigate the independent school landscape, and we hope you will take time to visit Sheridan and ask these questions of us! Click here to schedule your visit.