Distance Learning at Sheridan

To keep our community as healthy as possible, we have begun the 2020-2021 school year delivering the majority of our program through distance learning. Students also attend classes with their grades on campus one day per week in small, fixed cohorts. We evaluate a set of metrics every three weeks as part of a phased approach to expanding our on-campus learning time.

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Each grade has a daily and weekly learning plan. Our Lower School students access the plan through an app called Clever from their school-provided iPads (Grades K-2) or Chromebooks (Grades 3-4). The plan contains easy-to-follow links that allow our youngest students to enter their virtual classrooms independently with a single click. Our Middle School students access their daily schedules, live learning, homework calendar and more through Google Classroom.

Sample Kindergarten Distance Learning Plan

Sample Sixth Grade Learning Plan


Currently, each grade visits campus one day per week. Lower School students spend 90 minutes on campus, while Middle School students stay for two hours. Split into small, fixed cohorts, students engage in teacher-led learning and activities outdoors. As conditions permit, this time on campus will expand.



Before embarking on distance learning, we surveyed Sheridan families to determine potential technology needs. We inquired about the availablity of computer equipment, printers, and mobile devices such as iPads, asked about WiFi speed and connectivity, and sought to identify potential obstacles to a seamless distance learning experience.

Every Sheridan student in Grades K-2 has received an iPad and charger from the school. Students in Grades 3-8 have been provided with Chromebooks and chargers.

In the Lower School, students interact with their teachers and each other primarily through Zoom, and Seesaw is the platform most widely used to complete and share assignments. Other apps used by teachers for instruction and assessment vary by grade, and include programs related to math, reading, writing, music, Spanish, and more. In Middle School, live instruction and interaction takes place through Google Meet and Google Classroom serves as the base for assignments and assessment.  In both divisions, teachers also use WeVideo and YouTube to prepare video lessons and to connect with students beyond their Zoom and Google Meet classes and events.

Throughout this distance learning period, we are partnering with families to continually monitor and respond to technology needs. Our Technology Guidance offers suggestions for a successful tech-based experience. In addition, tech training has been provided to parents, students and teachers, and our Tech team provides ongoing support, including through weekly office hours.


Sheridan has a robust Student Support team that includes a school counselor, literacy specialist, learning specialist and school nurse who work closely with teachers and families to provide students with academic and social-emotional support whenever it is needed.

This support has continued through distance learning, with the support team working one-on-one and in small groups with students to ensure they have the tools and resources they need to continue their learning in this new environment. We also added in new support from administrators and staff members to help students who did not previously need support, but benefit from some extra care while learning from home. From daily phone check-ins to online meetups, this additional layer of support has helped our students stay academically and emotionally balanced during this time.


Our distance learning program has twin goals — to continue to advance the learning of our students and to retain and even expand our sense of connection and community.

We are proud to say we think we’ve succeeded at both. Our parents, students, teachers, volunteers and staff have all pulled together to find ways to keep our ties strong, continue our beloved traditions, and make sure everyone can see and be seen. Examples of this work include virtual potlucks for parents, community-wide challenges and projects, Zoom meetups for families and more. Some of the fun is captured in videos below.

We invited the community to participate in the Getty Art Museum Challenge— Sheridan style!

Our Division Heads recently added some fun to their morning messages for students!



While our formal After School Program is on hiatus, we are thrilled to be able to continue to offer several after-school opportunities to students including:

  • Athletics for students in Grades 5-8. Middle School students have the option to participate in basketball (all virtual) and soccer (virtual and on-campus) this fall.
  • Girls on the Run. We are continuing our partnership with Girls on the Run, fielding a virtual team for girls in Grades 3-5. 
  • Individual music lessons. Our wonderful after school music teachers are providing individual lessons for students via Zoom in piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and drums.