Empty Bowls with Capital Area Food Bank

IMG_9414Today in Art, third graders continued a tradition started by the fourth graders last school year. They held a “mini” Empty Bowls event.

Empty Bowls is an international grassroots movement that raises hunger awareness and helps feed those who are hungry. At Empty Bowls programs, guests donate money to a particular hunger-fighting organization and in return receive donated soup and bread, along with a donated artisan bowl.

At their event, the third graders donated ceramic bowls that they made, along with healthy canned goods, to the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB). CAFB is the largest hunger-relief organization serving the DC area. It feeds 12% of the area’s residents–which is over 500,000 people. The third graders’ bowls will be given away at future CAFB-sponsored Empty Bowls luncheons.

Kirsten Bourne, CAFB’s Director of Marketing & Communications, spoke to the class about hunger in and around DC. Then everyone enjoyed soup and bread generously donated by Sushiko and Bread Furst.

Many thanks to CAFB, Sushiko and Bread Furst for helping all who attended better appreciate their daily full bowls and better understand the many empty ones. And congratulations third graders on working together to solve hunger.

This entry was written by Brenda Bachman, and posted on June 10, 2016 by Brian Hewlett.

To learn more about CAFB and its upcoming Empty Bowls programs go to https://www.capitalareafoodbank.org/empty-bowls