Girl Scout Cookie Policy Reminder

Girl Scout Cookie time is almost upon us! While we adore a good Thin Mint (or Do-si-do or Tagalong or Trefoil), it can be difficult to manage the sale of the cookies at school in a way that’s fair and equitable for both students and staff. For this reason, we do not permit cookie sales and solicitations at school or through our school email list. We do, however, encourage potential sellers and buyers to use OwlNet to connect with each other!

For those of you who are new to Sheridan, OwlNet is an email list that anyone in the Sheridan family can join to share and receive information that might be of interest to the Sheridan community, but isn’t official Sheridan business. It can be anything from “I need a babysitter” to “I’m selling my car” or “I recommend this amazing production at a local theatre.” The list includes nearly 200 current and former Sheridan families and faculty.

If you would like to find Girl Scout cookies or make them available to the Sheridan community and you are not yet a member of OwlNet, here are the instructions for joining.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Minehan.