Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is Sheridan School's top fundraising priority.

When you contribute to the Annual Fund, you help us:

  • Offer the most innovative and inclusive progressive program in the region
  • Attract and retain top-notch teachers and staff
  • Provide critical professional development experiences that shape our program and our students’ learning
  • Offer inspiring visual arts, music, athletic and Mountain Campus experiences
  • Keep our program as affordable as possible
  • Ensure our community is diverse
  • Maintain our building and grounds to keep our children comfortable and safe=
  • Make more possible

This year, we must raise $275,000 to fully fund our operating budget. If we relied on tuition alone to cover our costs, our families would pay $6,500 more per student, a prospect that would put our exceptional program out of reach for many. Instead, we rely on fundraising to help us close this gap, which makes support of our Annual Fund by our community incredibly important.

“Is this my best?” 

The question our students ask of themselves each day and the question we hope you
will ask when making your gift.