Philanthropy Vision Statement

We believe joy can be found in giving and that satisfaction comes from creating lasting change that serves our community now and in the future. Fostering a community where all members find ways to give, serve and take action is essential to our Mission. By declaring philanthropy a core value of our school, we ensure we have the resources we need to support our mission-aligned and strategic priorities, today and tomorrow.  In so doing, we also teach our students that they, too, can effect change and experience the growth and fulfillment that comes from contributing to the greater good.

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Create opportunities that make giving and service at Sheridan meaningful and accessible to all members of our community;
  • Forge and maintain authentic, lifelong connections with every member of our community, including students, families, faculty and staff;
  • Be clear, transparent and purposeful in our fundraising efforts;
  • Show gratitude and honor the contributions of those past and present;
  • Embed in our curriculum opportunities for students to give, serve and take action;
  • Value equity and inclusion in giving; and
  • Charge the stewards of our school with investing the best of themselves in support of Sheridan’s future.