Guidelines for Holiday Gifts for Faculty and Staff

At this time of year, many families and students ask about giving holiday gifts to faculty and staff as a thank you for all of their hard work. The gift policy seeks to foster a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all families and students. Gifts are not expected by faculty and staff and no family should feel pressured to engage in gift-giving. The Parents Association, on behalf of all families, demonstrates its appreciation of faculty and staff in a variety of ways all year, including breakfasts and special snacks.

Still, we know it’s always nice to take a moment at the holidays to say a special thank you to the teachers and staff at Sheridan for their commitment to our children. Families that do wish to acknowledge faculty and staff before Winter Break are encouraged to show their appreciation in small ways such as handwritten notes, homemade gifts, or baked goods.

While the school does not strictly monitor this gift-giving policy, if you do bring in gifts or notes, we ask that you be thoughtful about who you include and that you leave them in the Front Office clearly marked with the faculty or staff member’s name rather than delivering them to classrooms or offices.