Hybrid Plan Schedules + Important Logistics Information

We’re looking forward to next week and the beginning of our hybrid learning plan. Below you will find important information that every family must know and act on to make the plan run smoothly. Please read the details closely and let us know if you have any questions. 



During the hybrid period, you will be required to complete your child’s health screening by 8am each day your child will be on campus. You will receive the link at 6am via text and email.

Please be sure to check your child’s temperature each morning before you complete the screening. We will be checking temperatures again upon arrival and if a student has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or more, you will be required to return immediately to pick them up and seek medical care.

Please help us keep our community healthy by ALWAYS erring on the side of caution. Answer the health screening promptly and honestly, and when in doubt, contact School Nurse Annie Wilcoxen before bringing your child to school.


Next week will be our first week in hybrid learning and the drop-off and pickup schedule will be different from the weeks to follow. This week’s schedule is based on grade and we ask that you follow it closely. If you have children in the Lower or Middle School with slightly different arrival or pickup times, we recommend you come in the middle of the two (e.g. if you have a 1st grader and a 4th grader, arrive by 8:30 to align with the 1st grade window (8:15-8:30) and the 4th grade window (8:30-8:45). If you have questions, please contact Wendy Lunde

Monday, October 12th
NO SCHOOL (classroom prep)

Tuesday, October 13th

Grades K & 1: Drop-off 8:15am-8:30am; pickup 11:30am-11:45am
Grades 2-4: Drop-off 8:30am-8:45am; pickup 11:45am-12:00pm

Grades 5-8: Distance Learning (last day of distance learning schedule)

Wednesday, October 14th
Distance learning for K-8  (begin using hybrid learning schedules)

Thursday, October 15th

Grades K & 1: Drop-off 8:15am-8:30am; pickup 11:30am-11:45am
Grades 2-4: Drop-off 8:30am-8:45am; pickup 11:45am-12:00pm

Grades 5-6: Drop-off 12:05 pm to 12:20pm; pick up 3:15pm to 3:30pm
Grades 7-8: Drop-off 12:20pm-12:30pm; pickup 3:30pm-3:45pm 

Friday, October 16th

Grades K & 1: Drop-off 8:15am-8:30am; pickup 11:30am-11:45am
Grades 2-4: Drop-off 8:30am-8:45am; pickup 11:45am-12:00pm

Grades 5-6: Drop-off 12:05 pm to 12:20pm, pick up 3:15pm to 3:30pm
Grades 7-8: Drop-off 12:20pm-12:30pm; pickup 3:30pm-3:45pm 


The full hybrid schedule for both Lower and Middle School will begin on Monday, October 19th. The following are the drop-off and pickup times for the on-campus portions of the day that will be used for the duration of the half-day hybrid learning plan.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

Lower School
Pickup: 11:30am-11:45am

Middle School


Distance learning for everyone (K-8)


Our goals for drop-off are three-fold: to be efficient, to be respectful of our neighbors, and to maximize the instruction time for our students. To that end, we have established the following procedures that every family must follow: 

Arrival by Car

Place name placards for each child being dropped off on the passenger side of your car dashboard before arriving at school. A name placard with your child’s first and last name has been/will be sent home with them when they leave their on-campus visits this week. This placard will need to be placed on the passenger side of your dashboard every morning before you arrive for drop-off. We have provided three copies in case you have multiple cars and/or a caregiver who will be dropping off your child. Please note: If you have multiple children being dropped off at once, you will need to display the placards for each child. 

Use Albemarle, Appleton or Brandywine Streets to access 36th Street. Whether coming from Reno Road or Connecticut Avenue, use one of these three streets to reach 36th Street and then proceed southbound toward the school. 36th Street will be one-way southbound for Sheridan families. DO NOT USE ALTON STREET. Any family using Alton Street will not be permitted to enter the carpool line at the front of the school and will be sent back around to come down 36th from one of the three streets above. Please make it easy and come down one of them from the beginning.

Queue along 36th Street and move forward as directed by Sheridan staff. Sheridan staff members will be spaced out along 36th Street. Please be sure your name placard can be seen through the passenger side of your car window as staff members will be checking your child’s name and sending it ahead to staff members stationed at the school to confirm your child has passed their health screening. Please follow staff instructions and move to the front of the school only when directed.

Pull up to the furthest designated cone and wait for a staff member to open the door for your child. There will be six cones placed in front of the school. Pull up to the furthest empty cone where a staff member will greet you and open the door for your child. Please have your child READY to immediately exit the car on the sidewalk side with everything stored in a “grab-and-go” backpack or bag. The backpack/bag will be stored at their desk during their time at school.

Proceed south on 36th Street to leave the school. Turn left at Yuma & 36th to access Connecticut Avenue or proceed straight at Yuma & 36th to access Reno Road. DO NOT DO A U-TURN TO GO NORTHBOUND ON 36TH STREET. The road in front of the school is one-way during drop-off and pickup for Sheridan families. 


If arriving from Alton Street or points north of the school, please wait at the intersection of 36th and Alton on the corner opposite the school. When directed, the STUDENT will walk across Alton to the front of the school and follow instructions for entering the school. Any accompanying ADULTS will stay across the street on Alton and depart from there.

If arriving from Yuma Street or points south of the school, please walk down 36th Street on the side of the street opposite the school and wait on the corner of 36th and Alton. When directed, the STUDENT will walk across Alton to the front of the school and follow instructions for entering the school. Any accompanying ADULTS will stay across the street on Alton and depart from there.


Students arriving by bike should arrive via Reno Road to Alton Place. Once on Alton Place, they should proceed east and stop at the bike rack at the side of the school to secure their bikes (be sure to bring a bike lock as we will be unable to store bikes in the school and cannot guarantee their security while on campus). After locking their bikes, students should proceed to the sidewalk on the Alton Street side of the school and wait near the butterfly garden until a Sheridan staff members instructs them to proceed to the front of the school and their assigned building entrance.

During the first few weeks of dropoff, we will have a large team of Sheridan staff outside to make the process as efficient as possible. Please follow their directions and join us in practicing patience as we work to quickly move a large number of students into the building each day while instituting new protocols and keeping everyone safe.


Pickup will be similar to dropoff. Please note students in Grades K-3 are not permitted to leave campus on their own and must be picked up by a parent or authorized caregiver.  Students in Grades 4-8 may leave campus on their own if you authorized this through the student information form you completed this summer. If you are uncertain who has permission to pick up your child or if they have permission to leave on their own, please contact Maureen Minehan.


  1. Arrive using Albemarle, Appleton or Brandywine to 36th Street
  2. In the passenger side front window, display name placards of all students to be picked up 
  3. Queue on southwest side of 36th Street
  4. Pull up to a cone in front of the school when directed
  5. Stay in your car and wait for a Sheridan staff member to help your child enter the car (Lower School) or for your child to enter the car on their own (Middle School)
  6. Proceed southbound on 36th Street and use Yuma to access Connecticut Avenue or proceed straight at 36th Street and Yuma to access Reno Road. NO U-TURNS. 


Students in Grades K-3: Parents or authorized caregivers who will be picking up a student to walk home should queue on west side corner of 36th and Alton on the side opposite the school and wait there until their student is sent over to them. Students in K-3 are not permitted to walk home alone.

Students in Grades 4-8: Students in Grades 4-8 who are walking home may be picked up by a parent or caregiver using the procedure above or may be dismissed to walk home on their own or to meet their parent/caregiver parked elsewhere in the neighborhood if the appropriate permission is on file with the school.


Students have been assigned entry doors based on the location of their classroom in the building. After students arrive by car or on foot, they will be directed to the appropriate door. Upon entering the door, students will sanitize their hands at a hand-sanitizing station and then move to a second station to have their temperature checked. If their temperature is below 100.0, they will proceed to their classroom.

If a child is found to have a temperature of 100.0 or above, they will immediately be escorted from the building and taken to an isolation location outside to be checked by the school nurse. The nurse will recheck the child’s temperature and either clear the student for school or call the student’s parents to return to school to pick up the child and seek medical care. To avoid this problem, ALWAYS check your child’s temperature at home each morning before completing your health screening. 


The following map shows the classroom locations for each cohort. The map is NOT to scale and meant to show cohort locations only. All rooms will allow for appropriate physical distancing.



Below, Lower School Head Kelly Nelson and Middle School Head Jay Briar share the class schedules and other information by grade. 

Lower School Schedules & Hybrid Information


1st Grade

Second Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Middle School Schedules & Hybrid Information

Below are the new daily hybrid schedules for Middle School students. Students will access these schedules through Google Classroom; parents are able to access the schedules from the Parent Information Page. 

In addition, general and grade-specific hybrid information is available here: Middle School Hybrid Notes

5th Grade

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade


If your child will be attending class via simulcast and you have not yet confirmed this with Lower School Head Kelly Nelson (Grades K-4) or Middle School Head Jay Briar (Grades 5-8), please do ASAP.

Simulcasting will take place via Zoom or Google Meet in classrooms that have students who have chosen that option or are temporarily learning from home due to quarantine or illness. If you have questions about the simulcasting experience, please contact Kelly or Jay.


Each day, students should bring the following in a backpack or bag unless directed otherwise by their teachers:

  • iPads or laptops
  • Classroom materials as specified by teachers (e.g. check your grade-level blog)
  • An extra mask in a ziploc bag with your child’s name on it
  • Layers to adjust body temperature as windows and doors will be open as much as possible
  • Water bottle
  • Rain coat if any rain is in the forecast

We recommend a backpack or bag big enough to carry all of the student’s belongings as they will need to keep their things with them.



Following our Community Covenant is essential to maintaining the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and families. 

At Sheridan, our long-time community rule is simple and clear: we respect ourselves, each other and our environment.

As we launch the 2020-2021 school year, this rule is more important than ever. Together we have the power to give our children a challenging and joyful education, while keeping everyone in our community and in the world beyond as healthy and safe as possible. A collective commitment to our students and to each other will carry us through and allow us to be what we are at our core—Sheridan Strong.

It is our expectation that each member of our community will commit to the principles below and abide by them. Doing so will help create the sacred trust that is so vital to our effort to engage in-person learning, whether for an hour, a day, a week or the year.

We will treat others with empathy and compassion. We will understand that COVID-19 may affect someone differently than it affects us or in ways that we cannot know. We will honor any differences between us and, with empathy and compassion, seek common ground.

We will abide by health and safety protocols established by the school. We commit to following any protocol put in place to keep our school and our local community healthy and safe. This includes, but is not limited to, protocols related to mask wearing, physical distancing, health screenings, and staying home if you are ill. We understand that these protocols may change in response to new circumstances and pledge to honor them no matter their form.

We will not take part in activities outside of Sheridan that could put others in our community at riskReturning to in-person learning is our top priority and we will take the steps that are needed to protect ourselves and our children from unnecessary risks related to COVID-19. This includes only engaging in recreational activities, attending family events, socializing with friends, and participating in gatherings, when full risk mitigation measures (masks, physical distancing, handwashing) are being followed. We also pledge to limit any non-essential travel to COVID-19 hotspots and to follow local and federal requirements and recommendations for self-quarantine when travel to such locations is necessary.

We will report any possible exposure to COVID-19 to the school immediatelyWe understand that reporting potential exposure is critical to mitigating the spread of COVID-19 within and outside of the Sheridan community. If we or a member of our family have been exposed to COVID-19, we will contact Sheridan’s school nurse immediately and follow her instructions.

We will recognize that a successful learning year requires engagement and participation, whether schooling takes place through distance learning or on-campus. As teachers, we commit to working in partnership with families to provide an active, challenging, and joyful learning experience. As parents, we commit to being engaged and flexible and helping our children to be the same.

We will consider the impact of our individual actions on othersWe understand that families may rely upon each other for care and social connection. We commit to taking into account the impact that these groupings may have on the larger class community. We will consider who is included and who may feel excluded from groups, how grouping by geographic location, gender, and friendship groups can be inherently exclusive and homogenous, and we will actively work toward inclusivity.

A deep and abiding commitment to these principles is essential to our success this year. Our individual actions and behaviors have a ripple effect and by working together, we can create the conditions that allow for on-campus learning in a manner that feels comfortable and safe for everyone.


Please complete the following form to confirm you have read the hybrid logistics and understand the health screening, dropoff and pickup procedures.