Our Mission

Sheridan School’s mission is to create an inclusive, vibrant learning community. We take joy in learning, show kindness and empathy towards others, embrace new experiences and ideas, and continually seek a deeper and fuller understanding of the world. We seek to inspire self-knowledge, intellectual discipline and personal integrity in our community members. At both our city and mountain campuses, the Sheridan community challenges itself to live the ideal of respect for oneself, others and the environment.

To nurture and challenge all learners, Sheridan School:

  • Educates the whole child: intellectual, social, physical and emotional;
  • Creates a safe learning environment in which students feel known and understood;
  • Fosters close, supportive relationships between all members of the community: families, teachers, administrators, staff and students;
  • Maintains high academic standards while respecting the pace of child development;
  • Challenges students to think critically, creatively, and conceptually;
  • Provides hands-on, engaging, authentic learning experiences that challenge students to wrestle with big ideas and their own assumptions;
  • Embraces collaborative learning;
  • Challenges prejudice, embraces difference and teaches children to view the world from multiple perspectives;
  • Supports students’ inquiry and self-reflection;
  • Emphasizes the learning process; and
  • Provides specific, ongoing feedback on students’ learning and personal growth.