Pavan Khoobchandani

Relationship to Sheridan: Parent ’26, ’29

Why I serve: Sheridan is a special place for our family, and the idea of being able to give back to the school and contribute to its continuing success makes me really happy. But above that, I feel a responsibility to the school, as a parent, to do whatever it is that I can to push for success of the school and all our kids.

Years on the Board: 3

2021-2022 Committees: Diversity/Education (Co-Chair) Finance

Day Job/Profession: I act as outside general counsel to small businesses with a focus on employment issues, compliance, and operations. I also partner with legal departments to provide practical, accessible, legal solutions.

Hometown: Washington, DC

Fun fact: I was an extra in the John Travolta movie, A Civil Action. I played a waiter in a scene at the Harvard Club.