Community Service

Service learning is an integral part of the Sheridan experience. Through their involvement in service learning at Sheridan, students:

• become active members of their communities

• are stewards of the environment

• work towards equity and justice locally and abroad

• are change-makers in their communities

Students participate in a variety of service projects during the school year. The Student Council, a leadership group comprised of students in grades 4–8, organizes annual schoolwide service projects to support local community organizations. The Parents’ Association also facilitates community service projects throughout the year. Additionally, service learning and social action are embedded in our academic programming as a part of our multicultural curriculum.

Social action and service learning projects have included:

• neighborhood trash walks (kindergarten)

• education campaigns to raise awareness of the global need for

clean water (1st grade) and the current problem of human trafficking

(8th grade)

• painting portraits and learning the stories of senior citizens at So Others

Might Eat (5th grade)

• making sandwiches for Martha’s Table (3rd and 6th grade)

• participating in community walks for the homeless (schoolwide)

• making soup and muffins for local kitchens (schoolwide)