School Overview

Sheridan values continued professional growth, offering fully-funded faculty development opportunities and a mentoring program for new faculty. As teachers, we strive to inspire—not only through our passion for teaching—but as mentors who model the qualities we hope our students will develop: mindfulness, empathy, persistence, resilience, and integrity.

Core elements of the Sheridan program include:

Concept-Based Curriculum

  • universal, broad, and timeless
  • a way of organizing disparate information
  • takes advantage of the way people think
  • connects information
  • honors the integrity of each discipline
  • pure as an intellectual pursuit

Instruction & Assessment

  • mission-aligned by discipline
  • standards-based report cards
  • Reading & Writing Workshop, based on the Columbia Teachers College model
  • Math in Focus based on Singapore Math
  • Reggio Emilia (Kindergarten)

Educational Technology

  • laptop computers for all faculty
  • an available fleet of laptops for instructional use
  • mounted digital projectors and document cameras in most classrooms
  • subject-based applications, as requested

Responsive Classroom

  • each child feels known and understood
  • student empowerment: a covenant-based system that honors children’s thoughts and ideas
  • Morning Meeting, where each student’s voice matters
  • logical consequences: a structured system for nurturing and challenging students to be accountable for their actions in all aspects of school life
  • congruent with our academic program
  • working with families as partners

Community Service

  • annual, school-wide projects to support a community organization
  • all students K–8 are involved
  • hands-on community service projects such as sandwich-making for Martha’s Table and neighborhood trash walks,

Homeroom Subjects

  • K-3: reading, writing, social studies and math
  • 4-8: reading, writing and social studies

Departmental/Specialist Subjects

  • math (4-8): five classes each week
  • science: two to three classes each week
  • Spanish integration: three to four classes each week of Spanish
  • music: two or three classes each week
  • art: one or two classes each week
  • physical education: three to four classes each week

Mountain Campus

  • a 130-acre camp located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • enriches students’ knowledge of themselves and their environment and facilitates cooperation
  • involves all students from K-8
  • outdoor curriculum integrated with city campus studies so it is relevant and compatible
  • staff works with teachers to identify specific needs of each class and develop supportive activities

Our Numbers

  • Total Students: about 225
  • Students per Grade: about 25
  • Homerooms per Grade: 1
  • Lead Teachers per Homeroom: 2
  • Total Classroom Teachers: 34
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1
  • Students of Color: 35%
  • Students Receiving Financial Aid: 25%



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