Sign Up For A Focus Group on Communicating Student Progress

At Sheridan, we deeply value strong partnerships with our families and know that these relationships are built and strengthened by communication about your children that is relevant and meaningful. Last year in our Family Survey, the main ways we share information about student progress, including report cards, student-involved conferences, and portfolio shares, all received high quantitative marks. However, in the written comments, a number of parents said they would like to better understand how their child is progressing.

This spring, we will be taking a closer look at the topic and invite any interested Sheridan parent to attend a focus group in the coming weeks to provide us with feedback on what works and what could be improved in communicating student progress. The insights we receive through these focus groups will help us as we review our approach and we will summarize the findings for the community. 

IF you are interested in sharing your thoughts, please register here for one of the following focus groups. Please note the groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants each.

Thurs, February 21: 8:30am
Fri, February 22: 8:30am
Mon, February 25: 7pm
Tues, February 26: 8:30am