Dear Sheridan Community,

As co-chairs of the 2015-16 Strategy Work Group, we are excited to present the 2016-2022 Sheridan Strategic Plan. Developed in close collaboration with our school’s parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, alumni parents and trustees, it presents a vision and a roadmap for our school over the next six years.

When we embarked on this process, we were clear that hearing the voices of our community was paramount. We wanted to know what people thought about our school. What is precious? What do they love? What do they wish could be different? What are their hopes for the future? We were so pleased by the responses we received through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and our strategic planning conference. It was both heartening and inspiring to see that the our community is aligned in their goals for Sheridan.

We also spoke with national thought leaders in education and key administrators in both our feeder and destination schools. The feedback from this cohort affirmed our commitment to offering an exceptional progressive education.

The work we will undertake over the next six years in each of our three priority areas — Program Vitality, Community Vitality, and Financial Vitality — will better our school. Achieving the objectives we set within each priority area will lead us to our vision of developing learners and leaders who are ready and able to change their world.

It is important to understand that this plan is a living document. We will monitor implementation and assess our priorities each year to ensure that the work we do always makes our students’ experience at Sheridan the best it can be.

We look forward to working together as a community to attain our vision. Thank you for your tremendous support.


Jessica Donovan, Head of School
Allison Logie, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees

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