A Balanced Approach

For our students, high-achievement does not mean high-stress. Our teachers are masterful at developing curriculum that inspires and engages without overwhelming and overburdening.

Our homework philosophy gives Sheridan students time and space outside of school to pursue interests and passions beyond schoolwork. This balanced approach to education in the primary years sets our students on the path for finding joy in lifelong learning.

We Believe Homework Should...

Give students additional practice with and reinforce concepts, skills, and content studied in class

Help students develop good study habits

Provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their learning and make their knowledge personal

Nurture a home-school connection around what students are studying in class

Provoke thought to provide material for further classroom discussion and investigation

Prepare students for the next day’s class activities

Allow students opportunities to practice time management skills

As students progress through our grades, the amount of homework increases at a developmentally-appropriate rate. Teachers at each grade level collaborate to help students spend a reasonable amount of time on homework across all subjects and to make sure that major assignments are appropriately spaced.

We follow these homework time allotment guidelines recommended by the National PTA:

K: 0-10 minutes
1st: 10-20 minutes
2nd: 20-30 minutes
3rd: 30-40 minutes
4th: 40-50 minutes
5th: 50-60 minutes
6th: 60-70 minutes
7th: 70-80 minutes
8th: 80-90 minutes