Give Now

The Annual Fund is Sheridan’s top fundraising priority. Annual Fund gifts are spent on immediate needs in the fiscal year in which they are given (July 1 to June 30).

This year, we must raise $250,000 to fully fund our operating budget. If we relied on tuition alone to cover our costs, our families would pay $6,500 more per student, a prospect that would put our exceptional program out of reach for many. Instead, we rely on fundraising to help us close this gap, which makes support of our Annual Fund by our community incredibly important.

We already have an outstanding show of support: in just a few short weeks this fall we received 100% participation in the Annual Fund campaign from both the Sheridan Board of Trustees and, inspiringly, Sheridan’s faculty and staff.

Now we are asking our Sheridan parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents and friends to do the same. Please help us be the best school we can be by making the best gift you can.

“Is this my best?”
The question our students ask of themselves each day and the question we hope you will ask when making your gift.

How To Give
It’s easy to give to the Annual Fund. Click here to see all of the possibilities.

Ways to Give
It’s easy to give to the Annual Fund. You can donate online, mail or bring a check to the school, or make a gift of stocks, bonds or other securities. No matter the method, all Annual Fund gifts are deductible in the current tax year as allowed by law.

We know that for many families, practical considerations such as bonus schedules, tax planning, and other financial commitments determine the timing of your family’s philanthropic giving. If that is the case for you, we hope you will consider make a commitment through a pledge today, to be fulfilled by June 1, 2018.  Pledges can also be honored through monthly or quarterly installments.