2020 Class Auction Projects

The class auction projects will be viewable in the windows of the Advancement Office February 19-February 27th.


K: Your Own Kind of Beautiful

This colorful combination of beautiful and playful self-portraits celebrates the newest additions to the Sheridan family, their endless creativity, and their sense of themselves within their new community. 


1st Grade: Marvelous Mapping

The 1st graders take you on a tour of the Metro and the stops that are home to them with their owl. Their work reflects their learning this year around mapping and navigation and includes a special class photo for some extra fun! 


2nd Grade: Wild, Wonderful Alejibres

It’s clear from the 2nd graders’ owl that learning about art and culture from around the world is an important part of their Sheridan experience. Each student created their own Mexican Alejibres, brightly colored fantastical/mythical creatures in the Mexican folk art tradition, and the combination is wildly wonderful! 


3rd Grade:  Around the World

Our 3rd graders have been hard at work studying geography, land forms and mapping and their owl shows off just how much they have learned. They selected a variety of continental maps, added some fun facts, and covered their owl in resin for a smooth, glossy finish. Their project proves the point — learning is beautiful! 


4th Grade:  Our Nation’s Capital

Building on their study of Washington, D.C., the 4th graders’ class owl has been feathered with drawings by each student that depict a scene or element from our nation’s capital that is meaningful to them. From cherry blossoms to the Zoo, they show there is much to explore and to love in the region we call home.

Owl 2020 Auction Class Projects (3)

5th Grade:  Out of this World!

The universe is a big place as our 5th graders have learned during their study of space and the solar system. Through their class owl, our 5th graders share how they see the world beyond Earth, with each feather on the owl reflecting a student’s unique perspectives. It’s out of this world! 


6th Grade:  Family Journeys

Our 6th graders took a page from their family journey project and created a bright and cheery owl that captures the diversity of their families’ origins and how they come together to create a community. It’s a small world after all.


Owl 2020 Auction Class Projects (1)

7th Grade: Diversity, Perspective & Play!

Our 7th graders went big with their owl, choosing to represent three important themes from their studies this year: diversity, perspective, and playfulness. The rainbow on the wing symbolizes the class dedication to different points of view and backgrounds, the solar system reminds us we are all part of something larger, and the sunglasses reinforce the message that all work and no play is no fun!
Owl 2020 Auction Class Projects (2)

8th Grade: Quotable! 

Our 8th graders have always had a lot to say and their final class auction project is no exception! Their class owl is filled with each student’s favorite quote from their time at Sheridan. It’s a nod to the infamous quote wall from 6th grade and it captures shared laughter and love that will last them a lifetime.