Auction Donation Ideas

Wondering what to contribute to the 2019 Sheridan Auction? Consider some of these creative ways to make your family donation:

Donate gift certificates to local restaurants! Have a favorite restaurant for date night? Know a great place to hold a dinner for eight? Share the fun by contributing a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Donate time at a vacation home or a hotel! Do you have access to a vacation home or hotel that you would be willing to share with another family? If so, consider donating a block of time to the auction. Whether near or far, a Sheridan family is sure to love it.

Donate tickets to a sporting or cultural event! Do you have season tickets to any of DC’s professional sports teams? How about tickets to a concert, the theater, ballet, or symphony?

Use your connections and/or talents! Think about your friends and your own interests and hobbies. Are you an avid golfer? Consider donating a round of golf at a sought ­after golf course. A talented cook? Consider a gourmet dinner. A musician? Consider donating lessons. An ace at making breakfast? Offer food for a month of Sundays. The possibilities are endless…

Team up with a group of families to sponsor a “sign­up” party! Sign­up parties are events that a family or group of families agree to host and underwrite. A set number of slots for the party are offered at a set price and individuals sign up for the parties on Auction night. Ideas include a Family Movie Night at the Avalon or a cooking class for 20 at a local home or business. Let your imaginations run wild and let us know if you’d like to help!

Contribute cash. Pressed for time? Short on ideas? Want to lend support in an easy, but very effective way? Become an auction sponsor by making a cash gift that the Auction team can use to underwrite event costs or to buy an item to be auctioned. We can always find a way to put your gift to good use!

Involve your family, friends, neighbors and local businesses. The odds are high you know someone who would contribute an item or buy an ad if you asked them. From your real estate agent to your barber, your uncle to your boss, consider asking everyone in your circle if they would be willing to
lend a hand as a donor or a sponsor.