Warning: Parking and Other Tickets

The police officers who ensure our students’ safety each day are reporting an increase in violations of DC laws at dropoff and pickup. In the coming days, they plan to begin issuing tickets when infractions occur. Please review the list below and take steps to ensure you and any caregivers who drop off or pick up your child from school are in compliance:

  • Cross at the corners. This is a big one. Crossing in the middle of the street is jaywalking and will be ticketed as such. Please walk to the nearest intersection and cross at the corner inside the crosswalk. 
  • Park legally. When you arrive at school, park in a legal spot. Please note the spot in front of the house directly across from school is not a legal spot. It doesn’t matter if you are “just running in for a minute” or planning to stay for an hour, it is illegal to park there. 
  • Park on the street ONLY.  There is no parent or caregiver parking in the parking lot in front of the school before 6pm. This includes parking in open spots, parking behind faculty cars already parked in spots and parking at an angle parallel to the sidewalk.  This applies for pickup for Ex-Club and After School activities as well. 
  • Stay in your car in the carpool line. Our police officers report parents and caregivers are exiting their cars to help students retrieve their belongings or say goodbye. If you need to leave your car to help your child, please park in a legal spot and have them walk in instead. 
  • Ensure your child exits the car on the school side. All students must exit their cars on the school-side of the car when in the carpool line. We are also seeing more students exiting on the street side of the car, which is an accident waiting to happen. 
  • Obey the police officer’s instructions. We’ve seen it with our own eyes — the police officer asks a parent to move their illegally parked car and is told “it will just be a minute.” The police officer asks a family to cross at the crosswalk and receives a terse retort. Our traffic officers are there to ensure everyone’s safety and we ask all of our families to respectfully comply when a request or directive is made.  

If you have any questions about our dropoff and pickup procedures, let us know