Young Activists Club

Middle School students changing our world.

We are the Young Activists Club at Sheridan School in Washington, DC.

Our goal is to address and improve current problems by enacting change and inspiring further activism in our community.

Our advocacy addresses a variety of issues, including gun violence and climate change. Recently, we have:

  • Raised money to protect animals impacted by the Australian wildfires

  • Made soul boxes to raise awareness about the magnitude of gun violence in our country.

  • Canvassed at a local metro station to remind people to vote.

  • Met with U.S. Senators, including Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Chris Murphy.

Learn About The Issues

The first step in becoming a young activist is learning more about important issues and the steps you can take to make a difference. Below we share information about several of the issues that are important to us. 

Be A Young Activist From Home

While you are stuck at home, there are many ways to be a young activist. You can make your own soul boxes, help people impacted by Covid-19, spread the word about current issues, and so much more!  Through public exhortation, we can all inspire awareness and legislative reform.

We can all be activists. Will you join us?