Climate Change

Climate change is a tremendous issue on our planet. Simply, it means the Earth’s temperature is rising because irregular amounts of greenhouse gases are being emitted due to human actions. This affects the Earth in many ways, not only negatively impacting the environment, plants, and animals, but also humans. It affects not only the health of our planet, but also our homes and economy.  If we are going to ensure the safety of our planet for centuries to come, we must act now.

There are easy ways you can make small alterations in your daily routines that will have a big impact on the well-being of our world. Here are some resources you can use to learn more about the problem and share with others.

  • Climate Change and Global WarmingThis is a NASA page that has sections about causes, effects, and solutions relating to climate change, as well as ways scientists know it is real.
  • 10 Ways You Can Help:  Ways you can help take action.
  • Ocean HeroEcosiaAdding search engines like Ocean Hero or Ecosia is a small, yet easy way to take action. These search engines make money with every search you make, and use that money to take action against global warming and climate change.