COVID-19 is one of the most devastating viruses in history, as it has infected tens of millions of people worldwide, and killed over a million. The impacts of COVID-19 are not only medical, but financial, social, and economical. Following basic guidelines (wearing masks, social distancing, etc.) is crucial for keeping you and your community safe, along with the general population. However, there’s always more you can do to help. Follow the links below to learn about the virus, ways to stay safe, and further steps you can take.

World Wide COVID-19 Numbers: Keep up to date with COVID’s impact on the world.

USA COVID-19 NumbersLook how COVID-19 is affecting the United States.

Basic Information on Covid-19This is a CDC page that will give you lots of basic information on staying safe.

World Health Organization: COVID-19 Pandemic: This link leads you to the World Health Organization, and answers your questions!

Effects of Covid-19: This link walks you through a summary of effects of Covid-19 on our world beyond health.

How to Make a Homemade Mask: This link shows you how to make a mask at home! It is also a good activity for kids!