Hunger & the Food System

Every day 821 million people go hungry, and the pandemic is making this problem much worse. There are countless, deep rooted issues relating to the food system, food culture, and poverty. However, there are countless ways we can fix these problems as well. To learn more about our food system and what you can do to help, consider following some of the links below.

Food Insecurity in AmericaUnderstanding food insecurity in the USA

What is a Food Desert:  What is a food desert, and what are some ways we can help people living in food deserts?

Plant Rich Diets: Learn why eating less meat helps the environment.

The Food System: What It Is and How It Impacts Our Lives:  Read this to find out a little bit more about what you are eating!

Local Farms in the DMV Area: Eating food grown locally is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint! Here are some places to find locally grown food.

Feeding America: How You Can Take Action: How you can take action against hunger.