At Sheridan, learning is empowerment

We nurture in students an authentic desire to learn, to frame questions, to seek answers, to lead, to explore, and to create.

Learning at Sheridan extends beyond the classroom. Our 130-acre Mountain Campus moves students to experience new levels of challenge in nature—a perspective that plays a vital role in developing confidence and character.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion form the foundation of a school community of belonging. We take active steps to design a reflective and peaceful environment in which the identities and backgrounds of our families, students, and employees are recognized, respected, and celebrated. 

A joyful and spirited place, Sheridan is a learning community where we expect our students to achieve great things . . . and they do.

4400 36th Street, NW  |  Washington, DC 20008  |  (202) 362-7900
Founded in 1927, we are a vibrant K-8 progressive school with no more than 230 students, an engaged community, and a fierce commitment to both equity and diversity.