Student Life

Building Community

A Culture of Belonging

Sheridan is a place for students to explore their identity, and become comfortable with who they are. We stress inclusivity, and help students accept each other and themselves. Both in our after-school program and during the day, our faculty and counseling teams work with students to create a climate that is supportive and loving. We are a joyful community!

"No place for hate"

We teach students to navigate a world where clannishness and exclusivity are found everywhere. Our students intentionally develop a tolerance for others that is unique for such young students. The more comfortable students are with themselves, the more likely they are to succeed in school. In and out of the classroom, we work with students to ensure that they are treating each other with respect and kindness.

Buddy Program

To further foster community, students in older grades are paired with students in younger grades.

During designated buddy time, buddies work together on a project, share work with each other and/or participate together in an element of school life.

By graduation, all grades have been paired, which allows the kids to forge strong connections to each other throughout the school.

Fostering Community

The buddy program helps to foster connections between students at varying age levels. The purposes of the program are to:
  • Give students in grades 4-8 leadership opportunities, in which they can be role models for the younger students, while providing the younger students with academic and social mentors
  • Provide meaningful social and academic learning experiences across grades
  • Build rapport and connections between grades
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Founded in 1927, we are a vibrant K-8 progressive school with no more than 230 students, an engaged community, and a fierce commitment to both equity and diversity.