Board of Trustees

As an independent school, Sheridan is governed by a Board of Trustees. Our Board members are talented and dedicated volunteers who are represented by members of the parent, school, and greater community. The Board works to ensure that Sheridan remains a progressive institution, adherent to its mission and core values, as well as financially stable and fiscally responsible.

List of 20 members.

  • Photo of Sarah Bennett

    Sarah Bennett 

  • Photo of Caroline Blackwell

    Caroline Blackwell 

  • Photo of Natalie Campbell

    Natalie Campbell 

  • Photo of Rebecca Diefenbach

    Rebecca Diefenbach 

  • Photo of Justin Galen

    Justin Galen 

  • Photo of James Hulme

    James "Jay" Hulme 

  • Photo of Pavan Khoobchandani

    Pavan Khoobchandani 

  • Photo of Mark Lawrence

    Mark Lawrence 

  • Photo of Tracy Mann

    Tracy Mann 

  • Photo of Indira Martell

    Indira "Indie" Martell 

  • Photo of Courtney Martin

    Courtney Martin 

    Ex Officio Member (Head of School)
  • Photo of Amelia Mattler

    Amelia Mattler 

  • Photo of Sapna Mehta

    Sapna Mehta 

  • Photo of Denise Naguib

    Denise Naguib 

  • Photo of Jennifer Oliva

    Jennifer Oliva 

    Faculty Representative
  • Photo of Christine Prior

    Christine Prior 

    Ex Officio Member (Parents Association President)
  • Photo of Garry Reeder

    Garry Reeder 

  • Photo of Lou Ann Sandstrom

    Lou Ann Sandstrom 

  • Photo of Amy Weis

    Amy Weis 

  • Photo of Julie Ziegler

    Julie Ziegler 

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Founded in 1927, we are a vibrant K-8 progressive school with no more than 230 students, an engaged community, and a fierce commitment to both equity and diversity.