Founded in 1927, Sheridan has been developing learners and leaders for more than nine decades.

1927 - Mrs. Cook's School Opens

In 1927, Mrs. Frank Cummings Cook, a kindergarten teacher, purchased 2344 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. and opened her namesake school to eighteen students of primary school age. Emphasizing French and music in addition to basic academic subjects, the well-regarded Mrs. Cook’s School flourished for more than 25 years with enrollment expanding to over 100 children.

1952 — School renamed Sheridan School

Mrs. Cook retired and sold the school to Rhoda Koster, a kindergarten teacher, who renamed the school in honor of its location within sight of Sheridan Circle.

1962 -- New grades and a temporary home

Sheridan adds 5th grade and 6th grade and moves temporarily to Temple Sinai while looking for a new location and raising money to build a new school. While number of other schools had moved out of the city, the Board of Trustees considered it vital that Sheridan remain in the District.

1964 - School opens in new building.

In October 1964, Sheridan opened its doors at its new location at 4400 36th Street, NW, with Admiral Parke Brady serving as Headmaster and Chair of the Board.

1965 - John Archibald becomes Headmaster

With new Headmaster John Archibald at its helm, Sheridan settled into its new campus, while adding 7th and 8th grades and increasing enrollment to more than 200 students.

1967 -- Solon Candage becomes Headmaster.

He would serve in this role for 20 years.

1971 -- Mountain Campus purchased in Luray, VA.

Later named the Solon J. Candage Outdoor Education Center, the 130-acre property known simply as the Sheridan Mountain Campus, is an outdoor residential facility that promotes learning, cooperation, responsibility, and environmental awareness.

1977 Facilities Expansion

The school’s growth led to an expansion of the facilities, including enlarging and reconfiguring existing classroom and office space, redesigning and relocating the front entrance, and adding offices, science, and music rooms.

1987 -- Hugh Riddleberger becomes the School's sixth Headmaster

Five years later, Mr. Riddleberger and the Board led the school through another renovation that included adding a new gymnasium and locker rooms, a science room and lab, an art studio, a music room, and administrative offices.

1997 - C. Randall Plummer becomes Head of School

Under Mr. Plummer’s leadership, the school continued its growth as a progressive school. Through a series of strategic plans, the school continually furthered its mission to create an inclusive, vibrant learning community.

2010 - Sheridan Board adopts our Diversity Vision Statement.

2013 -- Adele Paynter becomes interim Head of School

Ms. Paynter guided Sheridan through its transition during the national search for its next Head of School at the conclusion of Mr. Plummer’s 16 years of service.

2015 -- Jessica Donovan joins Sheridan as Head of School.

Jessica came to Sheridan with a wealth of experience in progressive education and a vision for providing Sheridan students with an exceptional learning experience.

2015 - Sheridan Board adopts our Philanthropy Vision Statement

The statement notes, in part, that joy can be found in giving and satisfaction comes from making lasting change within one’s community.

2016 - Launch of 2016-2022 Strategic Plan

The school’s current strategic plan, which carries the school through 2022, commits to enhancing and expanding Sheridan’s academic, community, and financial vitality.