When a student needs some extra care, whether academically, socially, emotionally or physically, the Student Support Team works closely with the student, teachers and family to create a plan to ensure the child’s success.

Members of the Student Support team include:

Director of Student Support
The Director of Student Support works with students, teachers, parents, admission personnel, outside consultants and the Nurse in order to maximize opportunities for success for children at Sheridan School.

The Counselor provides support and guidance to students, families, teachers, and staff to address social and emotional issues that arise in the community.  The goal of the counseling program is to facilitate children’s abilities to experience social, emotional, and academic success. Most of the Counselor’s interactions address issues that are common to all children: self-awareness, social awareness, management of one’s emotions, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Lower School Literacy Specialist
The Lower School Literacy Specialist works with students in grades K-4 to support their reading and writing development. This is done by pulling small groups and working in the classroom. The Literacy Specialist also administers a variety of reading and spelling assessments when concerns arise about student progress.

Middle School Learning Specialist
The Middle School Learning Specialist works with students in grades 5-8 to support their academic achievement across all subjects.

The Nurse collaborates with staff, students and families to ensure each student’s physical, mental, emotional and social growth and development by identifying health issues and planning care.

Diversity Practitioner
The Diversity Practitioner works with students, parents and staff to discuss equity issues and provide institutional support to families and staff from underrepresented groups, including student affinity groups and diversity-based projects.