Student Groups and Clubs

Sheridan is a school designed around kids—a place that takes them seriously, listens to their ideas, and responds to their needs.

The formation and facilitation of student groups is an example of this responsiveness in action.

Student-generated and student-led (with facilitation from adults), these groups provide support as well as opportunities to give, serve and take action. Across many of the groups, students tackle challenging social issues, work to create a more just and equitable community for all of us, and deepen their learning and creativity around topics in which they are interested.

Sheridan's Boys Group featured in the NEW YORK TIMES

Affinity Groups

Adopted Students: Students in Grades 3-8 who have been adopted meet with the school counselor to share their experiences.

Boys’ Group: Middle school boys meet to discuss how to manage and confront societal expectations placed on boys.

Students of Color: Groups for Grades 3-5 and Middle School are facilitated by staff members and involve weekly discussions and group outings.

Boys of Color Affinity Group: Students in Grades 3-8 talk about the intersection of race and gender.

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group: Middle school students who identify as LGBTQ+ meet to share experiences and discuss topics such as homophobia and coming out.

New Students: Students in grades 4-8 meet to learn how to navigate Sheridan in the first few months here.

Issue-Oriented Groups

Female Empowerment Meeting (FEM): Students meet to discuss issues related to gender and sexism and how to confront them and bring about change.

Gay-Straight Alliance: Middle School students meet to discuss sexual orientation and how to confront bias to create a better school and community.

Young Activists: Middle School students meet to discuss current events and develop and carry out plans to advocate for change. 


Middle School students have a club period each week to meet in student-generated and student-led groups. Offerings often include:

Environmental Action

Board Games


STEAM Projects

and more!